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there's no telling what i'll do

if i don't return to you

your local maximum

don't leave



March 4th, 2007

a few years too late

don't leave
So I realized that the last public entry was about a billion years ago (read: freshman year of college?!).

I thought I'd finally formalize it by saying:

friends only.

Comment to be added.

September 26th, 2003

a good song

don't leave
Just out of nowhere, because I kept listening to it while I was taking notes and reading my articles, Magdalena by A Perfect Circle is one helluva sexy song. I don't know.. there's something about it that makes me tingle.

Now carry on.

September 18th, 2003

i didn't even know!

don't leave
I was checking my info just now to see how many comments I've posted and looking at the date of creation for my journal, I realized that it has its two year birthday two days ago! Wow, two years ago Anne made me this journal when I was still in my OpenDiary craze. I think back and damn, LiveJournal is infinite times better. I was just starting out as a junior and now I'm going to college.

Funny that I watched the last hour of "Sixteen Candles" last night. Y'know, the Molly Ringwald movie made in her hey-day in the 80's where no one remembered her birthday with all of the arrangements going on for his sister's wedding and she plays this high school sophomore in love with the star of the school, Jake, a senior football player prom king type with the girlfriend and rich parents to boot. In the end, when he shows up at the church after everyone left Sam (as they usually do), my cousin threw her hands in the air and said, "why can't that happen to me?!" Oh Sandy, you're only twenty. Your Jake will come one day.

So let's all give a hip hip hooray for a new home away from home (I move tomorrow morning :() and a two year old journal with friends that are awesome.

September 16th, 2003

laugh out loud

don't leave
This brings to mind some things:

1) What the HELL DID I EVER SEE IN HIM?! OH GOD I MUST'VE BEEN OUT OF MY MIND. Or desparate. Or both.
2) I love that it's the SF Examiner reporting this and not the Chronicle, because that's the real paper. The Examiner has, over the course of time, become almost more like a tabloid than a real paper. But, hey, they're free now.
3) No, really. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

I really must have been fucking stupid or something.

July 30th, 2003

fur du

don't leave
So I'm just kicking it
I'm counting the days
I hardly can wait
For us to hang out
I'm really missing it
In so many ways
I anticipate us making out

So long ago and not soon enough.

June 28th, 2003


don't leave
Hey, who knew they still made tater tots? Y'know, those cylindrical balls of what looks like cubed pieces of potato they used to serve you at the cafeteria when you were six and still in elementary school? Yeah, those things.

Well, I have two bags of them frozen in my freezer. When I came home the other day, I was looking for ice cream to satiate my night craving of, well, food in general and there they were, staring me the face, tempting me with their potato-y goodness. Startch right before I go to bed? I think not.

But 224PM in the afternoon sounds about the right time for toters.

Now, on the quest for ketchup (catsup?).

(feral for food)

June 10th, 2003

(no subject)

don't leave
G'morning all.

If you haven't already noticed, many of my entries are now Friends Only, lest someone I'm not fond of stumbles upon my journal.

That is all. Thank you.

May 26th, 2003


don't leave
Something quick before going back to reading Native Son.

(kicks something) Boys are fucking retarded.

I'm feeling tired but still tootin' along. Go me.

Taken from a friend's profile:

i need you
i miss you
and now i wonder
if i could fall into the sky
do you think time would pass me by?
cause you know i'd walk a thousand miles
just to see you tonight

It's more fitting in her situation (ahem) but it strikes a few miles close to home as well.

double the sighCollapse )

May 25th, 2003

the last...

don't leave
I swiped this from my much adored Ben-o, whom I don't talk to very often but have known since his days at OpenDiary and fallslikesnow screenname. It's rather amazing how things change.

Last car ride: Daniel's car when he drove me home on Thursday when I saw him and Jen while waiting for the bus.
Last kiss: Wednesday.
Last good cry: Define good. I let more than a few tears fall earlier tonight when Jen was over.
Last library book checked out: I can't even remember. Oh, books on Dostoevsky when I did my paper on Crime and Punishment a few months ago.
Last movie seen: "The Matrix Reloaded."
Last book read: It's been a while. I'm working on Native Son though.
Last cuss word uttered: "damnit."
Last beverage drank: Water.
Last food consumed: A vegetarian burrito from Chino's. Yum.
Last crush: ****
Last phone call: Jenfer.
Last tv show watched: Sex in the City on DVD.
Last time showered: This morning at 730AM.
Last shoes worn: Broken in, Campus ADIDAS.
Last CD played: Eminem - Eminem Show.
Last item bought: My burrito.
Last downloaded: Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) - Loving You.
Last annoyance: The incompotent people picking up their yearbooks.
Last disappointment: Secretly hoping to see Greg today.
Last soda drank: Probably vanilla Coke. It's pretty much the only soda I drink these days.
Last thing written: List of songs to download.
Last word spoken: "I'll be online" to Jen before she got on the bus to go home.
Last im: Jen.
Last sexual fantasy: None that I can remember.
Last ice cream eaten: No clue.
Last time amused: Can't recall. Too many.
Last time in love: (sigh) Still with **** and always with my friends.
Last time hugged: About 30-45 minutes ago.
Last time scolded: Whenever the last time I came home late was.
Last time resentful: I'm sarcastically bitter. Levme alone.
Last chair sat in: The computer chair I'm sitting in now.
Last underwear worn: The blue, floral ones.
Last time dancing: Battle of the Birds dance in March.
Last poster looked at: Jen's CCAC Pre-College Summer Program poster.
Last show attended: The Ataris with Yellowcard, The Juliana Theory, and Further Seems Forever at The Fillmore.
Last web page visited: LiveJournal.

I just had a brief flash of a memroy. Summer, 2001. Enough said.

May 24th, 2003

not plans and plans

don't leave
It's Saturday and there is nothing to do but download songs and catch up on my LJ reading, seeing as I have been out of the commission for the better half of the week.

The three people I normally kick it with on the weekend are out. They are as follows:
Anne - Lowell's prom, where she will run into not only Bailey and Vanessa, but I'm sure a lot of other old Presidio kids that neither of us have seen in ages. (And she better fill me in on the details of the night.)
Jen - Home talking to her loverly about things I don't think I have the right to disclose. (Yesterday, in a sprint of inspiration, we painted her three-legged, triangle nightstand pink with streaks of white, red, and crimson and black dots on the two front legs. It's cute and is a splash of color.)
Greg - I'm not sure, but I haven't been seeing/hearing from him much lately, since May 1st when we decided things would work out better if we weren't seeing each other. Long story, sad story, a story that makes me ache in places I didn't know could hurt.

Yes, I only have a handful of good friends that I like to spend my time with.

I have found that if I lean back in the computer chair and cross my ankles with my feet resting by the lamp on the computer desk, placing the keyboard in my lap, I can type in a more comfortable position. Rock on. I discovered my ability to do this Thursday night while working on my econ project when I wanted to find a position more comfortable than hunching over the desk. Sometimes working into the night hatches new ideas.

David told me on Thrusday that I might not be getting a laptop until the end of the year, which is okay with me. I'll just have to live in the computer labs until then. But I was hoping to get it for the start of school.

In July, I'll be flying to San Antonio to see my brother Brian for the Fouth of July weekend. It'll be fun; I get to meet his battle pals, see Texas, and, most importantly, hang out with three of my four brothers, the three that I'm closest to: David, Brian, and Simon (Jimmy's a whole different story). I'll be more excited after I graduate.

The weather for the past few days have been absolute crap-ass. It was nicer at the beginning of the week, but it being approaching summer in San Francisco, of course that kind of weather won't last long. The mist died down but it's still windy as all hell. The weather either matches my mood or is causing my moods. I can't seem to decide which it is.
And I finally finished my pack of clove cigarettes. It took me two weeks.
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